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Marketing has changed from shotgunning and shouting to providing rich engagement touch points at various stages. This is called a customer journey. Learn to build and implement this yourself by filling out the form below to register for our free course.


Define The Start And End Points

As we know a journey is a trip you embark on with a defined start and an eventual end, a customer journey is the same in that you start a customer at a certain point and by the end you aim to have sold them a product or service. So for instance a potential customer fills out a form to learn more about a product you offer, the journey could take them through the information, up-sell and purchase of your product whereby the form is the beginning and the sale is the end.

In general a consumer would visit your website from an and navigate to the pages they deem important. Now imagine that you could magically appear next to them and guide them to pages you think they’ll find relevant much like a salesperson on the floor of a shop.

Determine Your Target Audience

The next step in your journey is to determine your target audience(s). The importance of knowing your target audience cannot be understated. Different people respond to different types of marketing and as such you need to know who you’re marketing to so that you market to them correctly.

To understand who you’re selling to you’ll need to create ideal personas of what you think your target audience is. Personas need to be carefully considered as to not make any mistakes, which could result in mismarketing or marketing to the wrong people. Look at things like their income level, jobs, lifestyle types and even hobbies. For instance a target persona of mine may look something like this:

Dave, 49, makes R20 000 per month as a computer programmer and is into mountain biking. Using this persona I might know to market a certain product on a mountain bike website.

After setting up different personas you need to segment them into different groups that are like one another. Segmenting is taking the different personas you’ve created and grouping similar ones together so that you can market to many people effectively at the same time. After you’ve built up your segments and personas you’ll now have a much better idea of which people will buy which products.

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