How to use webinars as part of your marketing strategy

How to use webinars for your marketing strategy

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Gain Benefits From the Power of Webinars

Webinar is an extremely powerful tool for delivering a message to a certain type of audience. But what is a webinar exactly and how can you use one to gain benefit for a product or service you offer?

What is a webinar?

A webinar is an internet-based presentation shown via an Internet browser such as Chrome or Internet Explorer. People who’re interested in learning more about a product or service can register to join a webinar about it. The presenter then delivers a presentation visually and verbally, and allows time for questions at the end.

For marketers, a webinar is an economical sales and marketing tool because you can address a geographically widespread audience without expense and travel time. It’s an ideal tool for creating brand awarenessmoving prospects further down the sales funnel and strengthening prospects’ interest in your product or service.

Who should host a webinar?

To host a webinar you need to be able to deliver something valuable to a viewer, whether that be showcasing a new product or teaching a valuable skill that links to your product or service.

When attending a webinar a viewer has one thought in mind: “What can I get out of this webinar?

An example of what a webinar looks like

A webinar should focus on what your viewers want to know so when you design one, keep thinking about what’s in it for them rather than you.

How do I host a webinar?

Once you’ve decided on your webinar topic, create an invitation with a call to register for the webinar. The register button should link to a form where they fill out their name, company name and email address. A day before the webinar, send them an email reminder.

During the webinar the presenter will broadcast live and then viewers will be able to ask any questions after the presenter finished his presentation. Most webinars provide a Q&A slot at the end of a webinar.  

There are many webinar creation software providers to choose from, such as Gotowebinar, Zoom and ReadyTalk. Have a look at this list and you’ll find one to suit your needs. Some of them are free of charge others require a monthly fee.

What are the results of a webinar?By recording the webinar you’ll be able to send it to your viewers for a second viewing, and also to those who missed it. You’ll then be able to gauge interest in it by tracking how many viewers watched it.

If you place a call to action in a follow-up email, your viewers can then take up your service or product. You’ll find that it’s easier to convert prospects into buying customers because they’re now clued up on what you presented. At Headalight we’ll help you setup your first webinar and automate the follow-up procedures.

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